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Driveway Gate

Driveway Gate

Driveway gates are a nice addition to any property. Commercial and residential properties can have a driveway gate installed by our Gate Repair Tarzana. We have a driveway gate service that beats out all of the other driveway gate companies in the area

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Gate Company

Gate Company

Gate companies are plentiful around There are many to choose from. But do you just want any gate company taking care of your gate services or do you want a company that you know is honest, dependable, does great work and is affordable.

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Gate Installation

Gate Installation

Tarzana is one of the most prestigious places in Los Angeles which has various astounding sites that you can visit when you come to this place. It has recreational centers and other places where you can just go and visit to enjoy your weekend or when you want to relax.

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Gate Repair Tarzana

Call Us Now  818-922-0771

Welcome to our company Gate Repair Tarzana

If you are looking for reliable gate repair services in California, count on our professionals. We work on all kinds of gates, from sliding to swinging, and there is no issue we cannot solve. We weld broken hinges, fix openers and intercom systems, and offer full gate installation.

Address: Burbank Blvd
Tarzana, California
Zip code: 91356
Phone: 818-922-0771

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Our gate repair company offers a wide selection of services, including installation, regular maintenance, parts replacements and of course any repair you can think of. Regardless of the make or brand of your gate, we have got you covered.

Fast Residential Gate Repair & Opener Service


They may all be pretty decent companies but if you are are interested to hire one of the best driveway gate company then you need to call us at Gate Repair Tarzana. We are a company that offers a wide range of services for our residential and commercial customers. We do everything from window bars, wood gates, manufacture wrought iron gates, (all types) grills, and security bars, but we are also able to supply and install phone entry system / intercom systems. Give us a call today and tell us what we can do for you.

Gate Repair Tarzana

If you’re looking for the best company to hire for all gate repair concerns, don’t search any further. Our gate repair service is swift, efficient, and retains a wealth of experience handling all matters, so your issue is resolved in no time. While our diligent technicians perform the job as fast as they can, we’re not sacrificing on the quality of their work. We work with ornamental iron gates and wrought iron gates. Whether you have a manual or automatic gate, let our professionals troubleshoot it for you. If you wish to have an intercom system installed, experts perfectly do the job.Gate Repair Tarzana, CA

Our Gate Repair Tarzana Company is doing all the repair and install service requested by a large category of commercial and residential customers. Regardless of your model of the door, we can do anything you want at a very good price. Some of the most appreciated services offered are: hinges welding, install and repair of all types of gate openers and devices, gate track repair, gate wheels repair, install gate motor on existing gate, repair and spring replacements, as well as exit loop installation. Call us now for a free evaluation of your needs.

Our garage door repair company is famous for its driveway gate opener service, considered one of the best and most convenient in the area. You can count on our experience for the install and reparation of all styles and models of openers available on the market. We can do the troubleshooting and all the necessary repair services for you. We are keen to help you with any safety loop, gate opener remote services and sensors. The main brands used for our installation of openers are: 

  •     All O MATIC
  •     ELITE
  •     RAMSET
  •     GTO PRO
  •     DOORKING
  •     EAGLE
  •     RENO
  •     FAAC
  •     VIKING
  •     LINEAR

When it comes to the need of wrought iron fence needs, we are one of the most appreciated company in the area.


​Our Gate Repair Tarzana is ready to help you with the most professional services: we can not only offer you the model of fence that fits your needs and your budget,

but also to suggest you which model suits your door.

You can trust and use our expertise in the following domains:

  •     Doors/Gates
  •     Pipe Corrals
  •     Cages
  •     Window Guards
  •     Guards & Railings
  •     Security Doors
  •     Fences
  •     Pool Enclosures
  •     Retaining Walls
  •     Dog Runs
  •     Railings

Add to this list also our custom made gates, highly appreciated in Tarzana. We are the company that will help you to design, produce and install your special model of doors. Trust our expertise in the following areas: automatic driveway gates, barrier arm gate, wrought iron gates, iron gates, custom made pedestrian gates, walk throw gates, overhead and electric gates. Commercial and residential customers, we are here to help you.

When it comes to your needs for phone entry systems- intercoms service, you need to rely on our professional service. We are ready to offer you professional services of repair and install of all keypads telephone entry systems, Commercial Entry Systems, phone gate systems but also Residential Entry Systems. You can trustworthy use our DOORKING, ELITE and LINEAR programming service.

Gate Post Repair

Swing gates use one or two posts depending on their design. The job of these components is to hold the panels in place with the use of hinges. They are most often made of steel, iron or wood, but they can also be made of concrete, brick and even stone material. Gate post repair is required when a post gets damaged or deviates from its position. The type of damage repair needed depends on the material. Decaying wood is fixed with special filling material. Rust is removed from iron and steel with the use of steel wool and special chemicals. Bent metal posts are straightened. In case of damaged bricks, it is replaced. When the entire post structure is severely damaged, the entire unit is replaced regardless of the material that it is made of. In case a post changes its original position, the repair involves returning it and straightening its base.

We are specialists in exit & safety loops installation and make sure the job is done with great caution and attention to details. Placing both exit and safety loops at the proper distance from the gate is of the essence and rest assured that our technicians have full knowledge of how to install them properly. We use the right size loops and once they are installed, we seal them in accordance with the preferences of our clients. Rest assured that our professionals have experience with such gate repair services and test the efficiency of the detectors before sealing the area. We are thorough exit & safety loops installers that ensure convenient and safe access for our customers.

Residential Gate Installation, Maintenance & Repair Services

How Automatic Security Gates Function

The importance of automatic security gates grow with each passing day. Read on to learn about their effectiveness, their variety in the market and their inner working mechanism.

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Is Your Driveway Gate in Good Condition?

There are various security structures and systems that you can get for your home and the driveway gate is certainly one of them. It is a solid barrier against thieves and vandals as well.

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What Determines Gate Prices

Not all wrought iron gates cost the same amount of money even if they have the exact same characteristics because we never purchase solely the panel but a whole system with many components and accessories.

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