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Driveway Gate

Driveway Gate

Driveway gates are a nice addition to any property. Commercial and residential properties can have a driveway gate installed by our Gate Repair Tarzana. We have a driveway gate service that beats out all of the other driveway gate companies in the area

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Gate Company

Gate Company

Gate companies are plentiful around There are many to choose from. But do you just want any gate company taking care of your gate services or do you want a company that you know is honest, dependable, does great work and is affordable.

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Gate Installation

Gate Installation

Tarzana is one of the most prestigious places in Los Angeles which has various astounding sites that you can visit when you come to this place. It has recreational centers and other places where you can just go and visit to enjoy your weekend or when you want to relax.

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Efficient electric gate repair by experienced pros!

We have easy to understand answers for questions on gate repair and door maintenance.

What is the best type of driveway gate I can use for my new house?

Driveway gates can be sliding, swinging or paired with a pedestrian gate. The specialists from Gate Repair Tarzana recommend sliding gates for residential use. This type of gate uses little space and allows more parking space. It also fits easily on any backyard be it narrow or spacious. The sliding gate can also be automated easily for more comfort and convenience to the users.

What can I do when my electric gate becomes defective?

Electric gates are very convenient and easy to use. At times something goes wrong causing these gates to malfunction. Experts from Gate Repair Tarzana recommend a regular maintenance check up of the parts and connections of the electric gates. You can check on the power supply and transmitters to make sure that they are functioning well. Wirings and connections need to be inspected as well and change batteries of controls.

What can cause a gate jam?

You need not worry when you experience a gate jam. The advice of experts from Gate Repair Tarzana is to check the path of the gates for obstructions. Make sure that the path is always clear. Another possible cause of gate jam is an obstruction in the photocells of your safety beam. It is possible that insects were stuck or that hardened debris found in the photocells can deactivates your safety beam causing your gate to malfunction.

What are the features of a telephone entry system?

Gate repair Tarzana technicians recommend a telephone entry system and they should ideally have a time zone restricted to different codes. If a visitor arrives at a specific time during the day, he can be given a specific code to key in. Also calls can be forwarded so that your presence or absence at home is not easily ascertained.

Can an automated gate be operated manually?

Yes, this can be done. In most cases, the gate opener arms are mounted with the use of clevis pins. When the pin and clip at either end are removed, the gate can be operated manually. A pin lock can be added to the front end for security purposes.

Why are cantilever gates larger?

Cantilever rolling gates don't have sliding gate wheels. They're supported by a long rail placed across the side fence. The gate moves on that rail and its overall width size must be 50 percent bigger than the opening size in order to keep counterbalance as the gate is opening.

What makes custom made gate design an ideal choice for most homeowners?

Gates help increase your home’s curb appeal. Apart from security, they are also installed for the sake of aesthetic beauty. For homeowners who want a gate design to complement their home style, they usually ask for custom made gates to meet their requirements.

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